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Commercial HVAC Services

Commercial HVAC Services

Professional HVAC Services For Coachella Valley Businesses

Cooling isn’t just important in your home. In the California heat, you want to be just as comfortable working as you are around the house. That’s why you should always trust a licensed, insured professional like WeFix Air Conditioning to service all of your commercial HVAC needs.


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Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance is one of the most important and beneficial services you can invest in. It can save you energy costs, prolong the life of your system, and minimize the need for repairs. A routine maintenance visit from the friendly, knowledgeable professionals at WeFix Air Conditioning will keep your business running smoothly. Call (760) 989-0718 or email us to discuss your commercial HVAC needs.


HVAC Repair                                                      

When your heating and air conditioning break down, it can be devastating for business. Customers and employees alike rely on a comfortable environment to keep a business afloat. WeFix Air Conditioning’s contractors are experienced and licensed to repair every make and model of air conditioning and heating unit, as well as associated equipment.                   


Call WeFix for repairs if you encounter:

  • Unusual sounds from equipment
  • Complaints from customers/employees regarding climate
  • Inability to manage temperature of multiple areas or buildings
  • An unexplained rise in energy costs
  • Unresponsive equipment


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HVAC Replacement

Commercial HVAC involves some unique requirements and features. The experts at WeFix Air Conditioning have experience in multiple-unit, multi-level heating and cooling, and can serve all types of commercial HVAC needs. When the time comes to replace your commercial HVAC system, call us for:

  • A full assessment of the buildings’ needs to maximize efficiency
  • Minimal intrusion into business
  • The latest technology and equipment
  • Suggestions for maximum performance