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Trusted And Professional Heating Service In Palm Springs

Are you searching for a reputable heating repair company in the Coachella Valley that is honest, professional and reliable? One that is trusted by your neighbors and local area businesses. One that has proven their ability to serve customers with honesty and value. One that has year after year delivered expert advice and craftsmanship. Look no further, WeFix Air Conditioning is that company! Whether you’re looking to repair, replace or maintain your heating system WeFix Air Conditioning has the experience to provide the excellent results you deserve.


Has your furnace recently let you down? Are you noticing rising heating costs? You may benefit from professional furnace installation and replacement. Call WeFix Air today at 760-989-0718 for more information and a quote on a new furnace. Find out how you can save on your next call when you check out our special promotions and coupons.

If the idea of replacing your furnace makes you nervous, consider this: replacing an aging furnace with a newer, more modern model can save you hundreds, or thousands in repairs and energy bills. WeFix Heating & Air helps homeowners in Palm Desert and Palm Springs, CA replace or install new high-efficiency heating systems that will work reliably and save money.

Be sure to read feedback and reviews from past customers who have taken the plunge and replaced their furnaces with us.

Signs it’s Time to Replace your Furnace

There are several signs to look for that could indicate a replacement is in the future for your furnace. Some of the most telling indicators include:

  • A yellow or flickering pilot light.
  • Scale, also known as specks of rust collecting on the pilot light.
  • Rising energy bills.
  • If the unit has required frequent repairs in the past two years.
  • Physical damage to the unit.

Your trusted professionals at WeFix Heating & Air can let you know if replacing your furnace is the better option rather than repairing it.

Benefits of Professional Replacement

When dealing with a furnace replacement, it’s important to trust the professionals. Working in small spaces combined with working alongside combustible materials means that safety can be an issue for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

At WeFix Air, our technicians work with all the latest building and safety codes. While working with only the best brands in the industry, we will also make sure your new furnace seamlessly integrates into your current ductwork, and we will test to ensure the new unit is working at peak efficiency. We guarantee our work, so you never have to worry about being dissatisfied, and our price guarantee ensures you won’t be surprised by an exorbitant bill.

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From gas furnace or heat pump repair, to complete heating system testing and service, we are Palm Springs trusted HVAC company. Call us at (760) 989-0718 or email us using the form below to discuss your heating repair needs today.